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At Rat Race event we are determined to get you on the start line even when life throws up its own obstacles!

The Rat Race Transfer System is for those who have reserved a place in a Rat Race Event but are no longer able to participate for any reason. This system allows you to change your paid for entry into a credit voucher once minus any non transferable purchases such as Refund Protection cover or charity donations for a 5% fee or minimum £15 charge with no need to justify your withdrawal to anyone. Credit vouchers created via this system are valid for any NEW ENTRY into a Rat Race event and are valid for a year from the date of issue. Vouchers created from voluntary Transfers cannot be used against pre-existing event payment plans. Credit vouchers cannot be transferred and are exempt from this Transfer System. Credit vouchers cannot be protected with Refund Protect and they hold no cash equivalent value. Event credit vouchers cannot be used against Test Pilot entries.

Transfers must be requested within the qualifying transfer window to be accepted and processed:

  • Event entries costing less than £500 per person (cost of entry only): 1 calendar month before the date of the scheduled on the day Event Registration.

  • Event entries costing more than £500 per person (cost of entry only): 12 weeks from the Event start date.

A charge will not be made if you have received a Rat Race Voucher and a transfer is made within 14 days of receipt. 



Follow the link to the Transfer System here, use the reference number or voucher code received on your confirmation email and pay any fee that may be due. If you have part paid for your entry with a credit voucher this will not be transferred and will be lost. Any payment made in addition to your entry can be transferred and will be processed in line with the Transfer Policy outlined above.

Solo entries
Solo entries cannot be directly transferred to another person. You may not request a transfer into the next edition of the event you are withdrawing from. You must use your credit voucher and enter an event via the online entry system and pay the current on sale price for the event you are wishing to sign up to.

Pair entries
Pair entries can change the names on their entries up until 1 calendar month before the event on events that cost less than £500 per person and up to 12 weeks before the start date of events that cost more than £500 per person.

Teams of 5+
If you have purchased a team of 5 or more runners, you can add or change team members up to 1 calendar month before the event for no fee. Participant name changes will remain to be free for those that are a member of a team of 5+ as we want to make sure the awesome team captains can continue to administer their team members with ease in their event account.

If the whole team cannot longer make it, then the purchaser can transfer the whole value of the team entry through the voucher transfer process in the same way as described for a solo participant.


Rat Race do not directly offer refunds, but for those wanting extra financial protection there is the option to join the Refund Protect scheme when reserving a place in an event. Refund Protect allows a cash refund to be claimed should a paying participant not be able to make an event for a qualifying reason and evidence is submitted to them as per their online terms. Refund Protect is a separate company to Rat Race and the terms of their refund protection can be seen here.

For further information please see the FAQs on your event page. To process your transfer please follow this link.

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