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Jim is the Founder and driving force behind Rat Race and he leads from the front: An events professional with over 25 years of service and 500 events under his belt. He has taken part in and led expeditions on 6 continents, including first ascents, high altitude peaks, cycled across at least 2 continents and carried out multiple first outings on our Test Pilot programme including the legendary first-ever ice-skate across Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia to inaugurate our Mongol 100 Bucket List event. Jim’s qualifications are wide and varied, including being a chartered health and safety professional, a sea kayak leader and highly qualified in emergency medical response. Somewhere along the way he also managed to cuff a degree in Law, equip himself with a Pilot’s Licence and is now studying part-time for a PhD in adventure tourism management, focussed on research into some of Rat Race’s own events.

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Rob is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Rat Race’s operations as well as getting hands-on with some of our most long-serving and classic challenges. He’s here, there and everywhere! The experienced hands that control the well-oiled machine, he is at the top of his game and you wouldn’t want anyone else running the show. Rob is a Mountain Leader, a Sea Kayak Leader and maintains high-level Advanced Wilderness Life Support qualifications alongside health and safety, risk management and other qualifications, including an MBA from a previous life!


Abbi is a highly trained, multi-qualified and experienced Expedition Leader with more than 10 years of exploring under her belt. There is literally no adventure pursuit that Abbi not only does not do, but does not excel in. Her cool, calm demeanour allows her to take our teams into some of the most adventurous, off-grid and incredible destinations on Earth. if you’ve signed up to a journey that tips the mercury below zero she’s guaranteed to be standing right there next to you, but she is equally at home in jungle, desert  and mountains. Abbi is an International Mountain Leader, Mountain Bike Guide, Bushcraft Instructor, Sea kayak Leader, sailor, skydiver. The list goes on, you get the point!


Our multi-lingual running machine! James comes from an established events background having worked in the sports event industry for some time and operated events both large and small. James and has a keen eye for detail and customer care and is expert with route design and planning. He is the man in the hot seat for many of our small-group challenges. You will certainly find him at anything that involves LOTS of running, including the biggest running challenge of them all – Run Britannia!

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