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Think white sands, turquoise waters and incredible sea-life as you take on a stunning tropical multi-sporter. Featuring spectacular kayak, SUP and foot stages, you will be accommodated on board your very own private floating adventure HQ each night, moored up under the watchful gaze of a billion stars out on the Great Barrier Reef.


9 - 13 AUG / 2025


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5 DAYS /






4 nights accommodation (floating accommodation)


All meals included as standard, at hotels. Breakfast, Pit Stop support, and Dinner.


High quality medal, rat rag and premium t-shirt for all participants.


Flexible transfer policy up to 12 weeks before your departure date.


Professional support vehicles, guides, safety staff, water safety, medical and welfare.


Kayak, SUP and all associated equipment rental included.


All in-event transfers from the moment you arrive at Airlie Beach to the moment you leave.


Professional local and UK safety  staff,  medics, drivers, route safety staff and Rat Race experts on hand throughout. Audited and accredited to BS8848 expedition safety standard.


Your leader for this trip is Joel
He's our Australian Expeditions Manager - an avid mountain biker, keen hiker and he loves to get out on the water for a paddle when time allows.




Starting and finishing in Airlie Beach, this 4 day adventure will see you circumnavigate the two main Islands that make up the Whitsundays, plus take you to some of the lesser-known hideouts of these fabulous islands. Dip your paddle in crystal clear azure waters and imagine coming face to face with one of the Loggerhead or Green Sea Turtles that call this paradise home. If you are really lucky, you may get a free shower from one of the 20,000 Humpback Whales migrating through these waters. Overhead you’ll be in awe of the effortless way the white-bellied Sea Eagles patrol the skies during the day and the mass of stars lighting up the night sky.

But this is no leisure cruise however: There is hard yacka to be done. Be prepared for long days on the water, kayaking your way from island to island, negotiating both wind and tide as you seek your next overnight destination. The course will switch in several foot and SUP stages too, providing a perfect multi-sport mix to the format. All the while, you’ll be following the paths of the Ngaro people, the traditional owners of the region and one of the earliest recorded Aboriginal groups in Australia.


Our overnights will be a little bit special. At the end of each day you will come aboard your very own private floating adventure HQ and our crew will serve up hearty and fresh cooked meals onboard. Sleep in your cabin or out on deck and savour the real flavour of the Great Barrier Reef the way it was intended – from the water itself.

The overall distance is just over 100km and will present quite the challenge with back to back days on the water, interspersed with foot-based sections to keep the legs pumping.

The course stretches across the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. With every stroke, you’ll start to appreciate why this place is so magical and revered.

The following schedule outlines our proposed itinerary and the disciplines and approximate mileages, too. Please note at this stage, the plan is approximate. Distances, daily stages and in-trip logistics may change between now and departure and even during the trip, such is the nature of this major adventure undertaking.



Registration and check in will occur on Sunday (lunch time) in Airlie Beach before loading all equipment onto your home for the next 4 nights and heading straight out to the Islands for your safety briefings and first glimpse of the adventure ahead. Our floating HQ will meet us here and provide us with our first dinner under the stars, a great opportunity to get to know the rest of the group and get into the spirit of The Reef.


ACCOMMODATION: Liveaboard Floating accommodation

MEALS: Dinner


After an enjoyable sleep under a million stars, we’ll get going early today as we start our adventure along the infamous Whitehaven Beach. To officially start your adventure, we thought what better way than to tackle a 7km run along one of the worlds most photographed beaches, while we have it all to ourselves! Today you’ll explore Whitehaven Beach and the pure-white silica sands that stretch all the way north to Hill Inlet before taking on the first kayak leg with a 15km paddle along the eastern edge of Whitsunday Island. No adventure here would be complete without a trek to the lookout to gaze back at the turquoise waters and piece of paradise we called home last night. Once in the kayaks, we’ll hug the coastline and explore some of the lesser-visited hideaways of the Whitsundays, at our secret Pit-Stops along the way. This will break up the day nicely but make no mistake – this is an epic adventure stage and shoulders will no doubt be ready for a soothing dip in the sea later on. En-route, expect a foot-stage to loosen those legs too, climbing a volcanic mass along the way. Welcome to the Reef!   


ACCOMMODATION: Liveaboard Floating accommodation
MEALS: Breakfast, Pit Stop support, Dinner


After our second night onboard our very own floating adventure HQ enjoying good food and starlit skies, we are back in the kayaks for a solid paddle around Hook Island. The wind will dictate which way we go today, but either way, we’ll end up with some of the best snorkelling the Whitsundays has to offer. But, before we get back in the kayaks, there’s a 4km return hike through dry rainforest, open woodland, hoop pines and groves of giant grasstrees for anyone wanting a short but demanding hike at dawn. It is not for the faint hearted, but as you emerge from the rainforest out onto a windswept, rocky outcrop, you’ll be in awe of the sensational views as you look ahead at today’s kayaking adventure around Hook Island. After the descent, we’ll line up for a big breakfast and wait for the tides to turn before we hit the water and head north, following the path of the Ngaro people around this majestic coastal paradise.

ACCOMMODATION: Liveaboard Floating accommodation

MEALS: Breakfast, Pit Stop support, Dinner


After a big day on foot and in the water yesterday, today will provide us with a more relaxing start, getting to know the marine life a little better while exploring the northern tip of the main islands. There is plenty to see and do today, so while we won’t cover as much ground (water) as the two previous days, your eyes are going to be busier than ever. We’ll get out on the SUPs today and spend a good chunk of time under water snorkelling. That being said, we do still have a destination for the night and there will be a decent amount of paddling to do.

ACCOMMODATION: Liveaboard Floating accommodation

MEALS: Breakfast, Pit Stop support, Dinner


Today is a superb way to end our epic journey through this breathtakingly beautiful patch of paradise. We will start the day with an unforgettable sunrise on board the boat, for the last time. After breakfast, we’ll plug in the waypoints towards our final destination and cast off for the finish. If the weather has been favourable over the past three days, we’ll make it all the way down to Nara Inlet to wrap up our Ngaro Trail highlights at the Ngaro Cultural Site. If not, we’ll keep a special treat up our sleeves to make sure we sign this adventure off with a bang! A true piece of paradise. Cheers!

Of course, with world renowned seafood as far as the eye can see, it would be remiss of us to not sample some of the goods. On our gentle cruise back to the mainland, we’ll be putting on some gourmet platters and refreshments to toast a job well done! Finally we will cruise into Airlie Beach and you’ll disembark, amazed at what you have achieved these past few days on the Great Barrier Reef.

ACCOMMODATION: At your own discretion

MEALS: Breakfast, Pit Stop support, afternoon tea and drinks on the way back to the mainland



Our accommodation is characterised by usage  of a dedicated PRIVATE LIVEABOARD CHARTER VESSEL, acting as our ‘adventure HQ’ for the trip. This level of provision allows you to focus on the challenge itself, whilst bagging a solid night’s kip each night in the most incredible of offshore locations – the Great Barrier Reef.


All accommodation is always offered on a double or twin room basis or at the very most, a comfy 4-person room with 4 single beds or 2 x bunkbeds;  If you are taking part on your own, you will be paired with another participant/s of the same sex in a twin room unless you take any available single supplement. If you have preferences for who you share with, you are able to specify that prior to departure.

This accommodation is of a good, clean standard. Bathroom facilities could be shared or en-suite and in general, the style of accommodation is always in keeping with the vibe of the area we find ourselves in – and always cosy and comfortable.

Where we eat, Rat Race will always provide meal choices and/ or a set menu, with Gluten intolerant and Vegan options. You will be responsible for your own drinks in all instances.



This will be consistent day-to-day and served onboard. We will beef it up slightly on day 4 and lay on some ‘grab n’ go’ options so we can head on out nice and early and make the most of the calmer weather conditions in the early mornings. At all times, you will never be far from a good cup of coffee. It is a Rat Race mantra to always pack the good stuff.


We will provide you with a hearty meal each and every night. You will pay for your own drinks and Rat Race will ensure the bar is stocked with your preferred drink of choice. When we get to journey’s end and start our journey back to mainland, your final couple of drinks are on us.
Throughout the trip, all other beverages are on you. In all cases where we provide catering, we will cater for all reasonable dietary requirements and will always ensure there are Gluten-intolerant and Vegan options available.


During the challenge we will endeavour to set-up our famously well-stocked Pit Stops multiple times throughout the journey: A minimum of 3 times per day when you are on the route (if it’s a full day’s paddle, for example). On all stages, these will typically be set-up from our mobile support team at set spots on the route. This may prove impossible on certain days and if that looks to be the case, a mobile support vessel will ensure all participants have access to adequate sustenance and supplies to keep them energised.

Pit stops will typically have a minimum of the following available:

Water – Ensure you leave with water bottles and bladders filled so you have enough to get you to the next Pit Stop.
Isotonic Energy Drink or similar carb-based product.
Salty snacks – such as chips and peanuts. And jerky – we love the jerky
Savoury treats – We will feature sandwiches, local foods, pastries, cheese and other goodies at selected pit stops, around lunchtime.
A fruit option – such as oranges or bananas.
Lollies– such as Skittles (vegan) and local speciality sweet candy treats.

Our Pit Stops are there to help supplement any personal sports nutrition plan you may have – if you use gels and other such products – you should plan to bring these with you. If you have any special dietary requirements then please also plan for this and pack your kit accordingly. Rat Race aim to offer Pit Stop snacks that are tasty and functional, catering to as broad a mix of needs and diets as possible. We have options available that are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and availability of this will depend on demand. If peanuts are served these will be in individual portioned bags to reduce the chance of contamination but Rat Race cannot guarantee that the food does not contain contamination from allergens such as nuts or gluten in its preparation or serving.

Please make sure you sanitise your hands prior to eating any food. Please please please take care with your trash and help us in our aim of leaving our venues and routes tidier than we find them. This is even more critical in the Great Barrier Marine Park with any lost trash instantly becoming a choking hazard for the marine life we are here to admire.

The nature of an adventure is that sometimes, the uncertain becomes certain! That is all part of the adventure. Whilst we will always strive to pull off ‘Plan A,’ it may well be that for any one of a number of reasons, we cannot do so and we ned to wheel put Plan B, C or D. We do line up contingencies for many eventualities of course. But it is worth knowing that the course may change if we deem it prudent for your safety or for other operational or weather-based reasons and we must always reserve the right to do so. Ultimately our skill and judgement in organising such events is part of why you are entering, so we must be able to exercise this on your behalf where we deem it necessary. If we do have to make a route change, we will strive to inform you in good time (if that is possible). Usually, these unforeseen changes simply add to the flavour of proceedings and provide for a good story to tell at day’s end!

We are mindful that people will inevitably have varying distances to travel to get to Airlie Beach – and there will no doubt be many from overseas also. Our plan is to meet at a central location in town, most likely at the hotel where we’ll stay the first night. There, we will carry out our briefings and kit checks plus kayak familiarisation before dinner and a couple of welcome drinks. It will be an informal day but with plenty of info being exchanged to prep you for what lies ahead, there will be much to busy yourself with.

We have designed this challenge so that you may travel at your own pace, most of the time and subject to our safety planning.

On the kayak and SUP stages, this means travelling in ‘pods’ with other similar ability paddlers.

On land, you can follow the GPS routings and go at your own pace, before regrouping in your pods for the upcoming paddling stages. See below for our notes on route-finding and guidance. There will also be some ‘cut-offs,’ but in the true Rat Race tradition these will be generous and we will always look to help you to achieve your goals in finishing this challenge, vs having to pull out. If you do not quite make those cut-offs, you simply get collected by the ‘mothership’ (our support vessel) and you are welcome to start again the next day.

Of course, we will give you some early starts to allow the very best possible window for route completion. But, if you need us and if you need to abandon the route for whatever reason, we are there for you and can pick you up with our support vehicles or direct you to the nearest pit stop for you to retire from the course. The absolute key is that you enjoy this amazing journey in paradise; at your own pace and within your own limits.

We are sometimes in remote country and at all times, we are vigilant to the fact that we may have to change the plan. If the weather comes in or if we dictate that we must switch it up for safety reasons, we may decide to bring the group together as one and travel at close quarters, everyone together, for safety – either on the sea stages and/ or on the foot stages. Our staff will make these determinations whilst we are in the field and based on weather info available at the time.

We want you to concentrate on the views and the hard work of putting one foot (or paddle!) in front of the other. So we don’t want you to be staring at maps or navigational aids any more than you have to. There is no formal waymarking (i.e. signs) used on this event.

Instead of waymarking, we will be using a mixture of knowledgeable guides leading our kayak ‘pods’ and we will be providing you with a pre-programmed expedition-grade GPS device which will have the route uploaded. You will follow this ‘line’ and can use this as a back-up at all times. You may augment this with your own device – such as GPS watches for example. The route will show the stage start and finish locations of course each day, plus also show you pit stop locations, so you know exactly how far you are from support along the course.

At all times, this GPS device can be used to back yourself up on route-finding. Bear in mind, routings may change on account of weather and other factors. But this will all be communicated to you when on the trip. In all cases, you will default to the judgement and leadership of your pod guide while on the water. On land, the GPS track will work for you.

Don’t worry – you won’t get lost. But if you do – support is never far away – with highly experienced kayak and SUP guides – plus support vessel in the mix the whole time.

The GPS device is also a personal satellite locator beacon – which means that we know where you are at all times and acts as a really effective safety aid. It is also a satellite communicator, so you can text us or we can text you, if you need us or if we see you go off trail. But don’t worry – this is unlikely! All boats will also be equipped with 2-way radio comms, so you can communicate with other members of your pod; and your guide.

When on the water, we use a ‘pod’ system which pairs pods with guides and allows each pod to travel together at the pace of the pod. Splitting the group up into pods like this means that the pods can travel at variable paces, catering to those of varying speeds and abilities. To all intents and purposes therefore, this means you will travel in a small group, at your own pace, with professional guide support. Each kayak will be equipped with a 2 way radio, so you can speak to the guide and other members of the pod, and vice versa. We also augment this with specific expedition-grade GPS devices issued to all participants. These act as route guidance devices, satellite communications devices and emergency locator trackers – meaning we always know where everyone is. Safety is always of paramount concern on the kayak and SUP stages.

We will use our liveaboard vessel as a ‘mothership’ and if you do need to retire from the route for whatever reason on any of the stages, we can transfer you and your boat to the mothership for onward transit. We will typically concentrate support services at our pit stops for these stages and you can come ashore, rest up and grab food and drink supplies at these locations.

If it does get too much, if you get injured, get too hot, too cold, need sustenance, motivational support or otherwise, we will be able to assist and our team will never be far away out on the route. You are in good hands.

For the foot stages, you will use your GPS device to guide you. We will have guides out there on the trails with you on foot and we will position Pit Stop locations at the start and finish of these stages to top you up with food and fluids when you are done on each stage.

It is always good practice to be self-contained when out on these types of challenges and of course there are sections here where you are in remote sea or country. It may take time for us to get assistance to you. So when you leave pit stops on stages, for example, we will expect you to leave with some snacks on board plus a full water bottle or bladder….just like any other regular trek, run or paddle in the backcountry.

Yes. You need a decent travel policy covering you for general travel and which covers participation in outdoor sports. You will also need what is called an Evacuation Insurance Policy, which is for if we need to send you back to the closest city for urgent medical attention via a helicopter or similar. We also recommend you have this in place as soon as you enter this event and that if you book flights, we highly recommend booking a flexible option for any last-minute changes you might need to make or to ensure you have maximum flexibility if you cannot attend for any reason.

Travel insurance is compulsory for our events, so please make sure your insurance policy covers the activities you will be participating in. There are a number of specialist providers available including Mann Broadbent.

Click ‘Buy Event Voucher’ and go through the sign-up process, you’ll then be issued with an event voucher which will automatically reserve you a place in the event you have chosen.

Rat Race require you to be over 18 on the day of Registration for this adventure. If you wish to participate as a family group or with a responsible adult and you are 16+, we will consider applications on an individual basis. Please contact us if this is the case.

Getting to the start line is important and we are there to help you as best we can. However, if you feel on reflection that it is just not your time yet, we do have a transfer system that you can use to transfer out, receive Rat Race credit and come back again next year or do something else. Credit is typically valid for 12 months and there is a fee to be paid for transferring out in this way. We want to be really clear that this option is there for you if you need it, but it does have a deadline. View our full terms and conditions here.

The latest kit list will be sent to you before the event within the Essential Event Information Document.

Of course. If you run for Children with Cancer UK and raise the target amount for this event per person, we will refund your entry fee up to the amount of £2500. You are of course more than welcome to fundraise for any cause close to your heart. Click here to find out more.

Of course. If you run for Children with Cancer UK and raise the target amount for this event per person, we will refund your entry fee up to the amount of £2500. You are of course more than welcome to fundraise for any cause close to your heart.

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive a confirmation email. After that, you will be kept in the loop closer to the event when we will send out our Essential Event Information approximately 12 weeks ahead of the event, detailing the full itinerary, what you need to bring and other important information relating to the specific event you have signed up for. We will also host webinars which you will be invited to (again, closer to the event), where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and go through your kit. There will be a final email one month ahead of the event, just to check you’ve completed all the important forms and are ready for the event ahead.

If you have chosen to pay in instalments, we will also get in touch with you if any of your payments have been missed.

Rat Race have been audited and accredited to the prestigious BS8848 expedition safety standard. We have firm emergency protocols and response systems in place whilst out on our adventures. Our main priority above all else is to keep you and our staff safe. Before we leave for each trip a comprehensive in-country risk and threat assessment has been conducted by the Head of Expeditions. All protocols are put in place relating to those assessments. We make sure that the staff involved have the highest level of first aid training; a higher level of medical cover is also put in place if needed; all instructors have qualifications and/ or competencies to match the adventure we will undertake. In the event of an emergency, Rat Race staff and appointed contractors have comprehensive knowledge of procedures which will rapidly be put in place. If needed, our staff will provide first aid and then further medical assistance and evacuation if needed in line with a published Medical Procedures Plan. We have medical back-up and Clinical Directorship provided by a specialist events medical company and we have further emergency response support services provided by competent contracted partner. All our cover is available 24/7 while operations are underway. We use our knowledge and emergency procedures to provide the best possible care in our often remote and austere environments. Before leaving on a trip, we will advise on the insurance cover you are required to have in place for the trip; we will ask for a copy of these insurance details before the departure date.

Race entry includes a glorious finishers medal and bespoke event Rat Race tee. We will request your tshirt size and this will be the size you will be given at Registration.

The short answer is no. The price for this event is for everything outlined on the website and it is very difficult for us to split this out. Our accommodation is based on group rates and is on a shared basis. All of our event logistics, support and organisation has been designed to have all the participants in the same locations to allow transfers, briefings etc to run smoothly and to let you bond with your fellow #ratracers! You are welcome to arrange your own accommodation if you wish but this will not result in a reduction in the event fee from us, you will also then be responsible for ensuring you are at our meeting points at the arranged time and we will not be able to transport you to and from your own accommodation, you will need to be able to do this independently.

The kayak and SUP stages take place in beautiful waters surrounding amazing tropical islands. There is a mix of what we would call ‘inshore’ and more exposed sea stages, giving a real selection of potential sea conditions to be experienced on this routing. There will be absolutely serene paddling and there will be some pretty arduous paddling. The foot stages will be a mixture of soft white sands and rugged mountain terrain, we are really throwing it all in for this one. The rugged sections are short but steep and you will need a good pair of walking shoes to ensure you get to the top for those majestic views across the Islands.

This is of course a big challenge set over multiple big days on foot and by sea kayak and SUP. BUT the Rat Race ethos is to set extraordinary challenges for ordinary people. You do need a good base fitness and you should be prepared for a series of long back-to-back days out on the route. Sea kayaking really does take it out of you – especially when coupled with some weather and some sea swells. This route is however definitely designed to be ‘doable;’ and in no way would this be what we would call a ‘sufferfest.’ Our events are just not pitched that way.

You 100% have it in you to do this. We will ensure we support you the very best way we possibly can. This one is all tortoise and no hare.

On the foot stages we would advise considering prior to each stage if you can complete it and sit it out if you are just not feeling it. If you do need to bail on a foot stage, none of them are far enough that we can’t get you off the stage quickly – returning to the start or continuing to the finish of each stage where we will have support.

On the boats, we have a support vessel shadowing your progress each day. If you cannot finish a stage, or find yourself just slowing down to the point you don’t think you will finish it, we can collect you and the boat and transfer you to the ‘mothership.’ Once you have withdrawn from a boat stage, typically on this event, you would be done for the day. It would lead to complex logistics of hauling boats aboard only then to offload them further up the route later on in the stage.

In general, our policy is that we will always look to move you forwards on the course (subject to medical advice if it is a medical issue that has forced you to pull out). We are unable to transport you backwards (i.e. we cannot take you back to the start of that stage). On foot or on the boats, it is typically always best to bail at a Pit Stop, where we have support standing by.

We are not into the ethos of ‘once you stop you cannot re-start.’ That is not our thing. If you just aren’t feeling it and need bail on a stage – and you wish to restart the next day – as laid out above (and subject to medical advice and us being able to get you in position) – no problem.

A kit list for this event will be published in due course.



We will provide high-quality double sea kayaks for all participants – which means we will pair you with another participant if you are taking part alone. Our fleet will be good quality well-known branded sea kayaks and will have undergone rigorous checks prior to departure. All kayaks are provided with a pfd and paddle so you do not need to worry about transporting yours to and from the trip with you.



We will be providing you with state-of-the-art satellite GPS navigational aids. These will track your position at all times and will also serve as an emergency locator and satellite communicator if you get into trouble. The nature of this trip dictates that you will be in close proximity to our guides at all times, but this is a just-in-case. But it’s top-notch stuff and is best of breed for our purposes. Our guides and staff will also be equipped with the latest generation of brand new satellite ‘push to talk’ phones, so we are in touch with the outside world at all times in this remote environment. 









All prices are in AUD and are subject to an administration fee of 2.99% at point of purchase.


We’ve put together a fantastic new instalment plan that allows you to choose how many months you want to spread the cost of this brilliant adventure over. You can pay it off all in one go or spread it over as many months as you like, totally interest free*. The payments will be split equally allowing you to budget and plan for this stunning journey. All payments to be made before May the same year as the event.

*When you sign up to the instalment plan Rat Race will then set up a reoccurring payment and your card will be debited on the same date each month. If there is an error with your payment you will receive reminders from Stripe, our payment provider, and also the Rat Race customer service team. After 3 attempts to contact you if the outstanding balance remains unpaid we will assume you wish to cancel your entry and will withdraw you from the event and you will not be eligible to enter our transfer process and no monies will be refunded.

Please see here for full terms and conditions and our cancellation policy.



Add Refund Protect to your booking during purchase and receive a full refund of your entry fee if you are unable to attend the event due to a qualifying unforeseen circumstance. PLEASE NOTE this protection is with our 3rd party partner Refund Protect and NOT Rat Race. In the event you make a refund application this is administered by the Refund Protect customer service team, Rat Race are not privy to the application and cannot intervene on your behalf to influence the outcome determined by their team.

To check the full list of qualifying unforeseen circumstances that are protected please click here to view Refund Protect terms and conditions.

To add Refund Protect (administered by a 3rd party) to your Rat Race booking simply select this option when presented during the entry process. Refund Protect cannot be added retrospectively. Rat Race will then send you name and booking details to Refund Protect in order to protect your transaction with them. If you opt to pay in instalments and transfer your entry before the entry cost is full paid you will be liable to ensure the cost of Refund Protect has been fully covered. This total amount will be deducted from any Rat Race credit due through the transfer process or you will be invoiced by Rat Race for the outstanding amount as Rat Race have paid this on your behalf to Refund Protect at point of entry. 


Our longstanding partnership with Children with Cancer UK gives #ratracers the opportunity to raise much needed funds for this great cause in exchange for a refund of their entry fee. So far our #ratracers have raised over £2million for Children with Cancer UK and we would love for you to join the team to help us chase down that £3million target!

The funds you raise will be invested into vital specialist research to improve survival rates in children and young people and help more of them ring the end of treatment bell.

All you need to do is set up a Just Giving page here and start your fundraising! You will have until 1 month after the event date to hit your target and then send us the link to your page which will allow us to process your refund. Refunds will be made 2 – 3 months after the event completion date.

Refunds are not mandatory you are welcome to opt-out of receiving a refund. Should participants opt-out their refund will instead be used by Children with Cancer UK to help fund their research.

If you choose to support Children with Cancer UK and raise £2000, you will also receive:

  • A Children with Cancer UK fundraising and training pack

  • Regular Children with Cancer UK updates

  • A dedicated point of contact at the charity

  • A technical Children with Cancer UK t-shirt to wear with pride


For more information on Children with Cancer UK please visit


Alternatively please contact the Sports Team on 020 7430 7788 or email

Children with Cancer UK is a registered national charity (no. 298405)

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