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What is it like to cycle across South America?

In January 2023 30 Rat Racers took on our inaugural Rat Race Trans Andean Coast to Coast cycling adventure from Chile to Argentina. To cycle across a continent is a pinnacle achievement for any cyclist but this incredible cycle across South America is a 1000+ mile bucket list challenge for anyone who loves life on 2 wheels! Best of all we arrange everything in country so you can focus on this epic journey, our trip is all inclusive with full medical, mechanical and professional event support.

Find out what this 9 day cross-continent trip entailed in our 15 minute cinematic, the highs, the lows and the absolutely enormous achievement each and everyone one of them felt when they crossed that finish line in the Atlantic ocean.


What did our 2023 Rat Racers think?

Cyclists crossing the Andes

“The toughest cycling trip to date...a mind blowing adventure with some crazy brilliant people” Gary

“It brought together some incredible cyclists, cycling over the Andes was spectacular. To cross South America in 9 days is an astonishing achievement. Rat Race crew and volunteers were amazing, cannot thank everyone enough” Scott

“Wow...hands down the hardest athletic adventure in my world! There were many ups & downs traversing a continent by bicycle. Sharing great memories with great supportive friends old and new”

Sam, 2023 participant

“Spent a long time reflecting on this epic adventure over the’s been hard to put into words how much we experienced in such a short space of time, so I’m hoping this clip shares the vibe instead”

Marie-Louise Adventures Check out Marie-Louise's 'crossing Central America in 30 seconds' highlight reel here.

“A whirlwind 2 weeks crossing the continent on 2 wheels. Loved every minute”

Laura. Check out her highlight reel here.


The Adventure Stats

Dates: 14th - 25th January 2024 SOLD OUT

31st January - 11th February 2024

19th - 30th January 2025

Includes: 11 nights accommodation, airport transfers, all meals, mechanical support

Cost: $4750 USD per person monthly instalment plan available

2023 route information

Day 1: 159 km +1,954 m / -563 m

Day 2: 71 km +2,454 m / -1,286 m

Day 3: 171 km +942 m / -2,757 m

Day 4: 195 km +395 m / -704 m

Day 5: 180 km +911 m / -854 m

Day 6: 211 km +48 m / -424 m

Day 7: 235 km +141 m / -198 m

Day 8: 235 km +330 m / -381 m

Day 9: 196km +167 m / -193 m


Note from our Trip Leader Abbi Naylor

“This year’s participants in the Trans Andean Coast to Coast absolutely blew me away, they were the first to blaze this trail and be pioneers of this epic event.

I am so grateful for them for their sense of adventure, sheer determination and I am humbled by the multiple acts of kindness and support I witnessed between them all as they embarked on this incredible journey together. They were some of the strongest teams I’ve ever seen on our expeditions and I hope they look back on this time spent with us in South America with fondness for many years to come. Here’s to the next one!”

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