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Top tips for your first ultramarathon

We asked our amazing #ratracer community what their best tips were when it comes to running The Wall and we think you can apply them to any upcoming ultramarathon. Here are their words of wisdom for anyone about to take on an adventure beyond 26.2 miles and our own top tips we've accumulated from the past 20 years!

Man running on a bridge
Rat Racer Tips

"My top top tip is to ‘believe’ , you are on that start line for a reason , because you deserve to be there . Visualise the finish line, aim for there . Enjoy the scenery , walk the uphills , even from the start . When the going gets tough … and it will… remember the main reason you stood on that start line in the first place . Whatever that reason is ? Do it and yourself proud."

"Go checkpoint to checkpoint. Break up that distance so it's not so overwhelming"

"Enjoy the day. Don’t over think your training."

"1-It’s 24 hours go easy and finish

2-don’t stay too long at the pit stops keep moving

3-chase the sun and when it goes down keep warm

4-Head Up Heart Strong"

"If you think you’ve started too slowly, you haven’t - slow down even more! Completely agree with the advice about keeping warm once the sun is down - I got cold quickly after leaving the last pit stop. Other than that, enjoy every step - it’s an amazing day and an even better achievement!"

"Enjoy it. Keep fuelling. Don't focus on the miles to go, focus on the amazing scenery and the other crazy people running it."

"Pick your battles. Don't be determined to run up the big hill if you'll regret it later."

"Stick to your plan and don't get swept along with others. If you find yourself running at a similar pace to others, enjoy their company, but let them go or leave them behind as and when you need to."

"Focus on foods you eat regularly. Don't surprise your body on race day."

"Treat any hot spots straight away, don't wait for the next opportunity to sit down somewhere comfy - get down on the side of the road and do it now!"

"Good socks and change them often. Also talc while changing them."

"Unless you're aiming for a podium place just enjoy the adventure"

Woman running in the Outer Hebrides

Our top tips for the big day

🍔 Eat before you’re hungry. Don’t get swept up in the moment, distracted by people and forget to get stuff onboard little and often. You’re in it for the long haul and fuelling correctly is going to make or break it.

🥤Have a liquid calorie back up plan. If you get to a point where you can’t stomach food you still need to get calories in to stay in the game. Consider taking a toothbrush and toothpaste to help reset those tastebuds after 12+ hours. Sounds weird, but it might help you take real food onboard again.

🎵 Save your music for your low point. There’s every chance you’re going to have a ‘I can’t do this moment’ make sure you’ve got your best motivational banger on standby to lift those spirits and don’t crack it out too early so it has the maximum effect.

🎉 Celebrate the small wins and reward yourself for everything, berate yourself for nothing. Do you know how incredible you are for even making it to the start line? Be your own cheerleader.

Check out our ultramarathons and join us for an adventure!

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